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July sock

These were actually done in July, too!  And there are two of them, I promise!  The knitting-2-socks-on-2-circs was wonderful – this is how I will be knitting all my socks from now on.  The pattern was not hard to convert from dpns to circs, and I hope my luck will continue in that vein.  I also love the colorway, but I’m not sold on how it striped in the sock.  Another member of the KAL knit with the same yarn, different colorway, and hers turned out all cool and variegated.  Oh well…
So I didn’t get a chance to post these until now, because I’ve been doing a lot of this…
On a lot of these…
I’ve been thinking about this a bit… a friend’s daughter is getting married in September and I’m addressing the invitations as a wedding gift for the couple.  Did you see what I said?  A friend’s daughter.  I am closer to the mother of the bride than I am the bride  – not only as friends, but in age, too.  Very weird. 
So I’ve been working hard to knock out the invitations, not only so they can get into the mail on time, but so I can start my August KAL sock in time for the… RAVELYMPICS!  I can cast on tomorrow at 8am… I’ll give more details later – naptime is over and the natives are getting restless.

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There is a heel!

So my very first real sock. So pretty… So nice… Now I know why so many people knit socks. Why so many people swap and knit and knit and swap. So fun! I may be addicted… shhh – don’t tell Hubby!

I’m taking my socks to St. Thomas this weekend. Sock knitting on the beach, with no Big Boy to run after, no time tables – I’ll just go where people tell me to go! The Coachella isn’t done for the birthday girl, but I think 12 people showing up for her birthday will be a nice big surprise. I’ll mail her the Coachella when it’s done, and beg for pictures of her in it.

So I’ll be back to blog about my first trip to the Caribbean next week. Pray that Tropical Storm Dean doesn’t really hit anywhere near where I am – or else I might be blogging much later next week than anticipated!

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