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The Peasy Scarf is finished!  I really liked the pattern – like I said, it was easy.  I’m just slow.  And I love the result – it looks kinda fancy, don’t you think?  I started this on size 11 straight needles, but… I couldn’t do it.  I’ve been spoiled… so I picked up my KnitPicks Harmony Options set and used my size 17 tips and a circular cable… I can never go back.  Maybe I should start collecting the Harmony straight needles.  What do you think?

Nutkin roll cuff

I have cast on for my Domestic Betty Baker’s Dozen KAL October sock – finally!  The pattern is the ever popular Nutkin – and no, I’m not using Wollmeise.  Sigh… I’m making these for my mom, and she has a wool allergy, so I’m using Kollage Luscious sock yarnin Rusty.  It’s 63% cotton and 37% elastic, so she should have no problem.  I’m hoping the elastic starts to appear, because as of right now, the fabric is pretty non-elastic.  And the yarn is kinda splitty.  But I like the color a lot.

Here’s something funny for you – while I was winding my Kollage yarn and casting on for the socks (using a Harmony Fixed Circular Knitting Needle Recital screen shot - 1998natch!– to do 2 socks at once on Magic Loop), I was also copying old videos to DVD to get rid of the bulky VHS tapes.  I was working on my recital tapes, and I took some pictures of the TV while it was on so I could blog about it on my family blog… but here’s one pose I caught, and I have no idea what I’m doing here.  I look rather Diva-esque, don’t you think?  I can’t tell if that’s supposed to be a Diva pose, or if I’m supposed to be emoting something different…. Anyway – that was 10 years ago, and I’m glad I’m knitting and not singing!  I got butterflies in my stomach just watching the videos!


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… that it has been a full month since I last posted.  I need to get back in the saddle to warm up for NaBloPoMo in November.  I’d like to post daily both on this blog and my family blog this year.  Let’s see how that works out for me…

I havebeen working hard on stuff – 3 pairs of socks and a scarf for my mom to give as a gift, mostly.  But I’ve been scouring the innerwebs for Christmas gift ideas.  And I have plenty of ideas now!  I’m so excited – and I can’t wait to start making things!  Problem is, I have to finish this scarf for my mom… It’s called the Peasy Scarf (Ravelry link) – and it is pretty and easy, just like the pattern says.  Too bad I’m a super slow knitter with 2 kids who won’t let her sit down to catch her breath, much less knit. 

Speaking of making Christmas gifts… is there anything out there for this Christmas about “Give Hand-made” like there was last year?  I’ve been waiting for something like this to float across one of my blog feeds, but nothing is coming.  Am I just early?

OK – next time I promise pictures.  And I promise it won’t be as long between posts.

*Sorry about the “extreme” reaction… I tend to be a bit over-dramatic.  Just ask my Hubby.

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