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So in my quest to gather all the crafting materials I can from their various hiding storage spots around the house, I hit sweater-felting jackpot!


I had hidden stored these already-deconstructed sweaters and the already-felted slab-o-knitting behind my sofa.  Go figure.  So do you remember this slab-o-knitting?

Knitted felted "fabric"

I was so in love with it back in the day (April 2007!)… I was intoxicated with my new thing, knitting, and my newer thing, blogging… I knitted up the body of the needle case, felted it, and – stuck it behind the sofa.  Now I think it’s going to be a bag!!!  I’m going to cut a little shaping into the slab (this thing is so thick!), knit up a quick interior pocket, stitch the sides together, decorate with some cream yarn, and re-felt it so it all sticks together nicely!  Then I’ll attach some handles, and voila!  A bag almost big enough to carry what I need it to!

Deconstructed wool Gap sweater

Deconstructed wool sweater






The deconstructed sweater on the left is a sweater from my closet.  I love the colors, but I can’t really wear wool as a sweater – I sweat like a pig and itch like an… itchy person.  I’ve been planning to make some kind of a bag with it for a while (but I can’t even remember when I took these sweaters apart!).  It will happen now.  The one on the right is from Hubby’s closet – it has a couple little holes in it that will close up with the felting.  The thing is… I’m not in love with the colors.  Should I shape it into a bag anyway, and if I don’t like it then… maybe I can cut the felt up into flowers or something for other projects?  Does anyone else have any other ideas for this one?

The bags will be making an appearance here soon – I promise!


Does anyone else love Simple Mom as much as I do?  Her blog is so refreshing, and she always gives such great tips and has great ideas and links and guest writers… Anyway – she is giving away an Epson Artisan Printer on her blog this week.  If I win, I’ll print off all kinds of pretty pictures and send them to you all!  Now, if you follow my link to her giveaway, and enter and win, can you print me a pretty picture and send it to me?  I promise I won’t be bitter… much – this thing’s a beaut!  We currently have 2 printers that do half of what this one could do!  Best wishes to all who enter, and may I win!!!


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I thought it would be a wonderful idea to knit a Yoga bag for a friend after recycling a sweater for the yarn.

First of all, look at the beautiful Namaste Yoga mat bag pattern from Knitty that I found. I decided I need to knit one for me, too, because it’s so beautiful. And look at how pretty the sweater looked before I started to unravel it (this is a close-up of the left-over turtleneck – the rest, well, keep on reading).

Now, look at the yarn when the sweater is unravelled. Completely shredded. I can’t knit anything with that. I’m so sad – it’s such a pretty color. I went ahead and bought some beautiful K1C2 Cotonade in Moss from Discount Yarn Sale to make a bag up for my friend. Too bad her birthday’s tomorrow. I’ve already let her know it will be a late gift!

So I haven’t had too much time to knit. Who could knit with this going on?

This is actually a good face. He stuffed almost a whole half of a banana in his mouth, and while I’m hysterically laughing and trying to find the camera, he starts “smiling for the camera” by schrunching up his eyes. It’s a wonder I get anything done during the day!

And then, when Hubby’s home, I get to watch him teach Big Boy about his magic super-powers. I think the Bare-chested Kung Fu Big Boy almost has it down!

I am still knitting on the Sidewinder bag and my needles case. Still knitting…

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