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Tons of pictures….

My camera and my computer finally decided they would start talking again. Thanks, guys. So nice of you.

OK – here are the pics of the Paris Loop. Let’s get the ugly pics over with first. And then we’ll move on to the happy yarn stash pics.

If anyone has any kind words to say, or a story about a project gone wrong, it would make me feel better. Really. I have yet to see on any other blogs someone admitting a complete failure.

Too big. In every aspect. Bulky, heavy, and droopy. See the back? See how I would have to walk around with my arms out like an old-school Barbie just to keep the thing on me? See how the camera hates to take pictures of it?

So sad. I thought adding in the black Patons Pooch would be a good thing. It wasn’t. The Pooch just didn’t show the alternating knit and purl stripes, so I felt like it needed something more. More is not always better.

I’m glad my next couple of projects are felted bags. I need the encouragement of a successful knit.

The Sidewinder Bag

It has begun!

Knitting with 4 skeins…. this is not something I will be knitting with the Big Boy around. One quick grab from him, and I can see myself in tears.

I just think it’s so pretty already!

I was worried about the increases right off the bat, and I will admit that the edges aren’t too neat. But I’m still learning – and this will be felted! I was also worried about the vertical changing of colors – but see how nicely it’s working out on the WS? Love love love it.

New Additions to My Yarn Stash

I bought this with the thoughts of making this cute little cardigan for my new niece due in August. (and isn’t the little girl in the photo adorable? Big Boy ran up to the computer smiling when I had her pic up on the screen!)Oooo, I love to make things for little girls!

But then I saw this adorable Baby Yoda Sweater. And now I’m torn. I actually have enough of the Cotton Ease to make 2 of the Yoda sweaters. So I think I might go with that.

What do you think?

Dishclothes, anyone? I’ve never made any, and I actually thought at one point, “Who would want to make their own dishclothes?” Then I started thinking that it would be pretty cool to be able to make exactly what I want. So I bought this little stash to be able to knit whenever I want to. And I think I really want some towels.

This is my first Noro purchase. It’s for my latest KAL, the Booga Bag. So pretty! Any wonder it took me 30 minutes to select a colorway?

I bought this beautiful SoyWool Stripes to make a hat for the above mentioned new niece.

OK – I feel much better now that I’m caught up with the pictures. Next time, maybe we’ll talk books.


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