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This has been the most fun week ever!  I’ve loved reading everyone’s comments – and it’s not like you have just been entering for the giveaways – you’ve left some wonderful notes that are really encouraging to me!  Thank you so much, everyone!

I am excited to wrap up this week with one of my most recent newest things – a craft I became obsessed with over the summer, and it threatened to push my yarny-pursuits off the radar completely (although, I’m not sure if that could ever happen…) – paper cutting!

For my last Bloggy Giveaway giveaway, I will give one lucky commenter a custom designed paper cutting.

This might not sound special, but I feel like I’m really putting myself out there with this one.  The other giveaways I’ve been giving things that I love but that I don’t really have much creative input into on my own (OK, the owl was pretty creative, but I’ve been sewing for as long as I can remember.  I’ve only been cutting paper for a couple months).  I’ve only designed a couple things myself, but I’ve been so pleased with how they’ve turned out, and I’ve gotten a great response from them…

Here are most of the things I’ve cut…

1. Big Boy Rocket, 2. Little Man Space Ship, 3. robot, 4. leaf, 5. dandelion blowing, 6. celtic knot 2, 7. flowers, 8. dandelion 2, 9. dandelion 1

The other things I’ve cut I’ve either not been happy with or not taken a picture of (whoops!).  Four of the cuttings I designed myself (numbers 1, 2, 4, and 5).  The others I used pictures as guides, with some modifications to make them appropriate for cutting.

If you win this giveaway, I will design and cut a custom piece of art for you – your choice of sizes (up to 12×12 inches – I work mostly in cardstock and use a lot of scrapbook paper) and your choice of colors, your choice of theme and wording… If you have a child that you’d like something special for their room, I’ve got some more great ideas along the lines of numbers 1 and 2… If you have a floral pattern that you adore in your dining room table cloth and would like a matching cutting for the wall, I’ll whip one up.  If you’d like to give your mother-in-law a special gift for Christmas to go with her southwestern-themed sunroom, I’ll try my best!  And I’ll have it to you way in advance of Christmas!  I will not frame it – that part will be up to you.

To win this custom cutting, please leave me a comment (with a valid email address) letting me know what you think you might like as a design if you win.  You won’t be held to that though – you can always change you mind when you win and start to really think about it.  Comments will be accepted through the end of the day (12:00am PST), and the drawing will occur on Saturday, November 1.

If this is your first time here, take a look around – I’d love for you to come back again!  Also, check out my Bloggy Giveaways from MondayTuesday, and Wednesday, and Thursday, the giveaway on my other blog, and the others at the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival site!!!  This has been a wonderful week – it’s been fun meeting all of you!!!


Entries for the giveaway are now closed.  Please click here to see who the winner was!


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I’ve stalled on my socks.  Not on purpose, but I haven’t picked them up as often as I would like!  That’s OK – I should have some knitting time this week with my sock-knitting mentor, and we’re going to spend the weekend at a lake with Hubby’s family, so maybe some knitting will get done there.  Maybe.

Once a month, some women from my church get together and scrapbook.  Some of the die-hards scrap from 11am-11pm… I can’t really cut that with the kids.  I used to try to hire a babysitter for the afternoon, until Hubby got home, and then another for the evening after Hubby leaves for band practice.  Then I realized I was going crazy just trying to get away for a couple hours (I typically scrap from about 3pm to 9pm).  So I started bringing the kiddos with me, and it’s worked out very well!  Baby D is still immobile, so there’s no running around after him, and the 11 year old girl at the house we scrapbook at loves to hold him and play with him while he’s awake.  The 9 year old boy there has taken command of the Big Boy and runs him ragged.  So I actually have some time to get some work done.

Except… preparing for scrapbooking is taking me a long time right now.  I need to gather a whole bunch of things together at home, but I haven’t done that in a while.  So I take different crafts with me to work on instead.  I’ve taken sewing and knitting, and I’ve even done nothing except get a pedicure from the lady who is a certified (is that the right word?) beautician. 

This past week, I took my paper cutting, and I designed two cuttings myself!


They are both cut from 12×12 inch sheet of cardstock, and there’s about a 3 inch border both on top and on bottom, and maybe a 1.5 inch border on each side.  I designed and cut the “Big Boy” one first, as I knew I wanted to cut the Big Boy something with a rocket on it.  When I got to the point where I sat down to think about doing one for Baby D, I decided against the choo-choo train one I had been thinking about and made a complimentary one with the space ship.  I think they both turned out very well.  Cutting out all those stars almost killed my hand, though.

I put them in front of the brown paper just because that’s what I had on hand.  I think a charcoal gray would look rather nice instead.  What do you think?  Now I need to get to the craft store and see what they have in the way of frames for scrapbook pages!

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…when I was at my church’s conference and couldn’t watch SYTYCD.  Kourtni and Matt got eliminated!  (Amanda, I didn’t get to look it up online, but I knew immediately who was gone when the show started – and I just saw you can watch whole episodes online so I won’t miss anything ever again!).  I really liked both of them… I knew Matt was in trouble because of the judges’ comments to him the past couple times he’s been in the bottom three.  Kourtni, though… She had been in the bottom three several times as well, but I just thought she was incredible!

So I’m really liking the dancers’ personalities this year.  They seem like so much fun!  Hubby and I were sitting on the couch last night laughing through the whole show.  And they can dance.  Little stinkers!  Care to name your pick for the winner?  I think Will has a great chance at it, and I think the judges are setting up Katee to be up there, too.  She’s a great dancer, but I don’t know…

Anyway – don’t do any paper cutting while you’re watching SYTYCD.  Very ill-advised crafting on my part.  That’s what I get for wanting to keep my hands busy.  I almost didn’t get to keep my hands!  No, it wasn’t that bad, but I certainly won’t be cutting anything during the show again. 

Despite the stupidity of my craft choice for the night, here’s what the end result was.

It’s a house warming gift for a friend who bought his first house in February.  A bit late on my part… Do you think guys will like that leaf?  I asked Hubby, but I think he said yes just to get me to stop talking.  I really like it, and from what I hear, it will go well in his house.

Today during naptime, I’m going to wind some of my sock yarn into balls so I can get started on some more socks.  And I hope to get the video I shot of Jericho Project up on YouTube today as well.  Not an exciting day, or really even an exciting post, but there you have it!

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