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So we all know my favorite show is back on TV.  Need a refresher? So You Think You Can Dance gets me excited every time it’s on… I LOVE that show!  I’m such a SYTYCD nerd!  Each season I worry I’m not going to like the dancers as much as I liked them the previous season.  I shouldn’t worry… I’m already loving most of the couples still on the show.  Oooo, it’s so hard to pick favorites already! 

I’ve got to love a show that actually makes me think that my dreams of becomming a professional dancer are still realistic… and then I blink and it’s gone.  With good reason, too – I don’t even go dancing with my Hubby anymore, it’s so bad.  I guess all the musical theater I did in high school created false hope in me…  For a split second last week, I got so excited about SYTYCD that I thought about starting a new weekly post here dedicated to the show.  Don’t worry – I’m not going to do that to you… yet…

progress as of 6-23-08

I discovered I can knit while watching the show – just plain knitting, though – no lace (like last year) and not even purling.  Simple, automatic knit stitches is the way to go.  And it’s going to be the only way I finish my first pair of Baker’s Dozen KAL socks.  I’m definitely going to learn how to knit socks on 2 circulars.  Anybody else out there knit socks that way?  One of my KAL buddies and I just purchased the same book (from Knitpicks’ awesome book sale!!!!), and we’re going to learn this way together.   Plus, my incredible awesome sock buddy (who is also a Domestic Betty and organized the whole KAL) is going to post a tutorial on how to knit socks with the 2 circulars.  Even though there will still be the same amount of stitches to knit, I’ll be able to avoid the second sock syndrome and actually complete some pairs. 

That’s my progress on my June Sock for the KAL.  Actually, that’s my progress after the 18+ hours I spent in a car with my family over the weekend.  I’m actually amazed that I attempted the heel with the amount of crying that was going on in that car (mine and the kids)…  I’m so thankful that the Lord provided a full-sized mini-van for our family the week before the trip.  None of us would’ve survived that trip to New York without the new mini-van.  I *heart* my mini-van.

I’ve gotten a little more completed since we emerged from the mini-van.  I definitely won’t be finishing both socks by the end of June, but I hope to have this one done by then.  And I’m cooking up a crazy idea in my head for the 2nd sock… we’ll see if it works. 

And after that trip to New York, the Coachella is finally with the “birthday girl” – 10 months after her birthday.  I’m so glad to have that off my list of projects – and with such a good result, too!  She loved it, and she looks fabulous in it!!!

I’m so glad I did the steeks in the sides.  It really added a bit of detail that the top was lacking before.  And as itty-bitty as my cousin is, she’s glad there’s the extra wiggle room to get the top on and off.

I’m out of town again next week, to a conference my church hosts every year.  We’re only an hour away from home, but I still feel like I need to pack the world to survive that week away.  I’m thankful that the boys are the ages they are right now… last year, Big Boy was at a pretty needy age.  Now he’s just at a whiny age, but I don’t have to pack extra for that.  Baby D isn’t eating solids yet (due to his reflux and the history of allergies in the family), so I just need to pack stuff for his bottles. 

I’m only taking my socks to work on in my downtime while I’m away.  I’m not sure how much downtime I’ll actually have, but I want to get these as done as possible before I even see the July pattern for the KAL. 

I hope to get a couple posts in before I head out… so I’ll see you guys soon!


PS.  Thanks for coming to my new home for my blog!  I’m in love with WordPress, and I’m still learning everything I can do with it.  If you use WordPress, tell me about your favorite feature so I can learn even more!







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Tons of pictures….

My camera and my computer finally decided they would start talking again. Thanks, guys. So nice of you.

OK – here are the pics of the Paris Loop. Let’s get the ugly pics over with first. And then we’ll move on to the happy yarn stash pics.

If anyone has any kind words to say, or a story about a project gone wrong, it would make me feel better. Really. I have yet to see on any other blogs someone admitting a complete failure.

Too big. In every aspect. Bulky, heavy, and droopy. See the back? See how I would have to walk around with my arms out like an old-school Barbie just to keep the thing on me? See how the camera hates to take pictures of it?

So sad. I thought adding in the black Patons Pooch would be a good thing. It wasn’t. The Pooch just didn’t show the alternating knit and purl stripes, so I felt like it needed something more. More is not always better.

I’m glad my next couple of projects are felted bags. I need the encouragement of a successful knit.

The Sidewinder Bag

It has begun!

Knitting with 4 skeins…. this is not something I will be knitting with the Big Boy around. One quick grab from him, and I can see myself in tears.

I just think it’s so pretty already!

I was worried about the increases right off the bat, and I will admit that the edges aren’t too neat. But I’m still learning – and this will be felted! I was also worried about the vertical changing of colors – but see how nicely it’s working out on the WS? Love love love it.

New Additions to My Yarn Stash

I bought this with the thoughts of making this cute little cardigan for my new niece due in August. (and isn’t the little girl in the photo adorable? Big Boy ran up to the computer smiling when I had her pic up on the screen!)Oooo, I love to make things for little girls!

But then I saw this adorable Baby Yoda Sweater. And now I’m torn. I actually have enough of the Cotton Ease to make 2 of the Yoda sweaters. So I think I might go with that.

What do you think?

Dishclothes, anyone? I’ve never made any, and I actually thought at one point, “Who would want to make their own dishclothes?” Then I started thinking that it would be pretty cool to be able to make exactly what I want. So I bought this little stash to be able to knit whenever I want to. And I think I really want some towels.

This is my first Noro purchase. It’s for my latest KAL, the Booga Bag. So pretty! Any wonder it took me 30 minutes to select a colorway?

I bought this beautiful SoyWool Stripes to make a hat for the above mentioned new niece.

OK – I feel much better now that I’m caught up with the pictures. Next time, maybe we’ll talk books.

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Hubby, son, and I headed out of town this past weekend for Easter… Oh, yes, Happy Easter (belated – though it’s never too late to celebrate His resurrection!)! Here’s a happy Easter pic, courtesy of my son and his excitement in learning that plastic Easter eggs can hold amazingly yummy treats, especially when they are at Gam’s house.

My thoughts as I’m heading out the door, 15 month-old son in tow… “This will be such a nice weekend to work on my knitting… all the in-laws will be around to help watch the big boy, and I’ll be able to kick back and enjoy myself….” Oh, how dreams can be smashed – and in so many different ways!

The first hint I had that things would be going terribly wrong: I am literally walking out the door with my son on one arm, 23 bags on the other, and I hear, “clink!” as I am heading down my porch steps. Since I cannot yet physically bend down and pick up anything with a squirming child in my arms, I sighed and made a mental note. No note needed. After strapping the still-squirming child into his carseat, I headed back to lock up the house (another thing I cannot yet physically do in the same circumstances). There, on my front porch, was a knitting needle, glistening in the sun. Sigh… I picked it up and trotted back to the car, where I was going to lay the needle nicely next to the headband project I had high hopes of finishing this weekend…. Oh, the horror to find out it was not the non-working needle that just slipped out of my bag – it was the working needle that was supposed to be still on my project!!! Or rather, on which my project was still supposed to be!!! Foreshadowing….

The other frustrations started rolling in… who do children talk to about behaving in public? Make that misbehaving in public. My normally jolly and very easy-going son apparently has been talking to someone who told him how much fun it was to watch mom and dad squirm when he goes crazy in public. Even more so in front of extended family.

I did get to knit… though my heart wasn’t really into it. It’s hard to get engrossed in a project when every other row you have to put the needle down and run after a child. It’s also hard when said child runs up and grabs your knitting project with his death-like grip and says “MINE!” It’s hard to wrestle it back out of his clutches, too.

So here’s the progress I was able to make on my headband. I’ve modified it quite a bit from the original – instead of one solid loop, I started decreasing and ended the first end in an I-cord so I can tie it together instead of just slipping it on. However, I have learned the importance of writing down your mods as you make them, because now I’m trying to recreate what I did for the other end. I’m treating this as a trial/sample piece – I know I’ll be wearing it, but it’s not a pretty thing at this point. I’m finishing the 2nd end from the cast-on row, so it’s not pretty at all.

Plus, this Lion Brand Micro-Spun! Grrr! See previous post, and comments about the yarn. I’m in agreement with Eileen – I like the finished fabric it makes (it’s so soft!), but I won’t be working with this again. I’ve got snags galore (see pic), and it’s just so frustrating! Too bad I bought several skeins….

Onto another topic – my KAL! Hopefully everyone doing the KAL will have their yarn soon, and we can begin. I also just bought a wireless printer server so I can beam the pattern to my printer and get my hands on some actual paper. I like to see patterns online, but when it comes time to work one, I need it in front of me all the time. Plus, I’m sure I’m going to find out something rather important that I need to write on it – like if I need to modify it at all.

It? So, what is IT? Here’s the Mason Dixon Buttonhole Bag I’m doing with some moms from my mom’s group, RichmondMommies.com. And here are the colors I’m knitting it in. I’m kind of keeping to the colors in the picture of the pattern, but I think I’m going to throw some stripes in for good measure. I love the richness of the peacock blue, and of course, and anything green… I love love love green!

Wow – That’s a lot of pics for one little post. Now I’m off to figure out dinner!

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