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Over at my other blog, Impress Your Kids, Amanda and I are starting a weekly craft post centered around a seasonal theme – along with a Mr. Linky so you can find all kinds of other fun seasonal activities to do with your little ones! This month, we’re focusing on Fall and Thanksgiving, and we really want to help impress on our kids the deeper meanings of life based on the Word of God.

EJ and I are struggling through our letter and verse this week – again due to sickness. But I thought of a nice little “I” impression for our Fall Impressions Week 1 activity that I find is hard for me to do at times, since I am by nature a solitary homebody. But during this month and leading up to the Christmas holiday, I would really like to show EJ the importance of opening up our home to others.

In between coughing fits and sneezes*, EJ made an “invitation”** for his cousins to come over and play soon.

An Invitation

I did not set a specific date on this invitation because I hadn’t yet spoken with my sister-in-law to find a time that would work for the both of us.  But I am hoping that she and I will arrange a day and time, and I will have EJ call his older cousin on the phone and ask her to come over on that specific day.  This will be so exciting for him, and I hope it will be exciting for her as well (his oldest cousin, MK, is 4, and the younger one is only 1).  They do not get to see each other as often as we would like them to…

I would love to impress on EJ that by inviting others into our home, we are sharing the love of Christ.  I also pray that I can model this for him through the years.

*Don’t worry – the invitation was sprayed with a disinfecting spray before it was mailed.

**The invitation itself is not as exciting as I had hoped.  I set out crayons and colored pencils, but as EJ had just seen me writing with a pen, that was all he would use.  Oh well…


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