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I’m so excited!

So as I am surfing around and hitting all these great knitting sites, I notice that a lot of them are blogs. A light bulb goes off…. my dear hubby is not as enthralled with my new hobby as I am, so why not share it with others (or no one, if no one finds my page!) who are!

I’ve knitted for years – just scarves, though. It never went further. I even taught some friends how to knit – scarves. But then I discovered that this great group of moms that I talk to online has some knitters… and they showed me a whole ‘nuther world! Until I started talking with them, I thought knitting was… how to say it… still really for… old women. I’m so sorry – I really am! Since I knew only scarves, I thought everything else out there was way too hard, and that it was the domain of… well, you know. Thanks to my mom friends, specifically the one who asked for a charity knit item, I was able to break out of my preconceived notions. I picked up some dpns and knitted a cap!!! YES!!! Then, I picked up some circs and knitted another cap! I am on a roll!

Now I’m hooked. Looking at all the gorgeous fitted patterns from sites like www.glampyreknits.com and getting lost on www.knittingpatterncentral.com, I’ve amassed a list of dream projects – projects that I must knit! I’ve started a tiny yarn stash, and I even bought some patterns to work on too! I am on a roll – I am unstoppable!

So I didn’t take a good pic of my charity knit cap – I won’t be posting the one pic I did take of it. But I adapted a couple of patterns to create my second cap – a great project that taught me how to make I-cords! Here’s a pic of of it from the top (my son is modeling it):

I gave this hat as a gift at a baby shower this weekend, and was floored by the positive response. I mean, yes, I thought it was cute – but would anyone else? Yes! I am completely hooked.

Next time… my WIP and my first ever KAL!!!

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