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And the winners are….

Oh my goodness – this week was so much fun!  Thank you to everyone who visited my blog – I hope you found something you liked! 

Due to a crazy day yesterday and sick kids again overnight (will this ever end?!?), I wasn’t able to do the drawing until now- so here are the winners today.

Chelle from Creative Momma won the owl pillow, Awesome Mom from Adventures of an Awesome (Somtimes) Mother won the sock yarn and dpn roll, runlikeagril from Run Like a Girl won a pound of Blanchard’s Coffee and my recipe booklet (Rita A, Barbara, and Kristeneach also got a copy of my recipe booklet),  Shannon Mark won the amigurumi book and the crochet hook roll, and Elizabeth M. won the custom paper cutting!

Congratulations, everyone!  And again, thank you for all the encouragement!  I really think this has gotten me a step closer to opening my own Etsy shop.  Now, if only I could find the time to make the things for it…


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Promised pictures…

I showed my first handmade gift to the relative I mentioned below, and I think I’ve changed her mind.  She loved it!  And who wouldn’t love it?

M's pointy kitty

I need to add a ribbon around Kitty’s neck, because the stitches are visible where I sewed the head to the body.

M's pointy kitty

The pattern is a free one, from the very talented Hillary Lang of Wee Wonderfuls.  I love it, and I’ve wanted to make the pointy kitty for a year now.  And I finally had my chance!

In other crafty news, I am going to be participating in the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival next week!  I am going to be sewing something this weekend that I just really want to make, and it’s not a part of my holiday sewing plans for this year.  So I’m going to give it away!  I’ll see if I can think of anything else to add to sweeten the pot, but this will be fun!  This will be my first time participating in a carnival! Impress Your Kids is also participating, so check there next week, too!


I hate politics, and I hate political discussions.  They make me nervous and scared (that’s a personal issue I have with confrontations of any type – even friendly “discussions.”).  But I read something via Making Home that really made me think about the election this year – and honestly, it made my change my mind about for who I was going to vote.  Please click through… I was going to say “click through if you want to.”  You may not want to…. but I think you should read this anyway.

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