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I really thought about not posting today.  Sickness continues to plague this little family, and I started to feel icky this afternoon.  However, a couple hours of light knitting and a cup of hot cocoa (from scratch!) have revived my spirits, if not my body.  Plus, the Redskins are winning as I type this…

My new thing this week was something I started last week – but I didn’t want to interrupt my giveaway fun with the banalities of my continued weight-loss saga.  But I’ll unload it all on to you this week… kidding!

Last week, I started the “No S” diet.  I saw this someplace online – maybe on someone else’s blog?  It just makes sense to me, and it’s more of a lifestyle change than a real “diet.”  And I had already started one of the S’s a while back: no seconds.  It was the no sweets and no snacks part of it that got me.  I did pretty well last week, except for the one day that I had a sugary snack and went back for seconds.  Yup.  Anyway – today my YMCA started a “Santa Shape Up” challenge, and 4 of my mommy friends from one of my exercise classes and I started a team.  Now, what most of you don’t know (if you’ve never played a game with me) is that I am way too super competitive.  It’s a little disturbing at times.  But I figure that competitiveness will do me well when it comes to getting into the gym.  It worked today – I was at the gym on a treadmill by 6:30 AM. 

So, that’s my newest thing this week. I’m still thinking about where I want this “New Thing” feature to go, so I’m sorry that this was the best I could offer this week.  And I just realized I broke the no sweets rule with my cup of hot cocoa earlier tonight.  Whoops.

I’ve got some great ideas I’m hoping to make as gifts soon, and I’ll share those with you as they happen.  One of the most exciting things that I get to make is the February Lady Sweater from Flint Knits.

FLS - picture from Flint Knits' pattern

FLS - picture from Flint Knits

I. love. this. sweater.  LOVE it.  I can’t wait until I can make one for me, but my aunt requested one for Christmas, so she’ll get one!  I’m so excited that I actually have an excuse a chance to work knit this now instead of waiting until I can find the time to make one for myself.

OK – the Redskins are no longer winning.  I must go and concentrate on the TV so they will score again.  And again.  Then they’ll be winning again.  A fan’s work is never done…


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