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My first felted bag begins!

We got the word that everyone in our KAL got their yarn, so it was go time! Someone got antsy and started early (JUST KIDDING! we had an April 1 start date, so it was fair game!), but I think we are all going to be working on it this weekend. Starting, working, and finishing it! It’s a quick knit… the sz 15 needles will do that, I guess!

I figured I better take some pics while it’s OTN before I finish it. And I’m really liking the Lamb’s Pride Worsted. It’s so snuggly and soft.

So far on this bag I’ve done KFB, SSK, Pick Up and Knit, and M1. All of which I’ve never done before! I’m also excited about the Button Hole handles – I only have a couple more rows to do before I get to that.

I love these colors together. They are so rich! I’m going to use the green along the top edge as well.

I’ve also learned that not all yarn is color-fast, and that cloth adhesive bandages are especially prone to picking up color. Nice.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to finish ‘er up and felt my first object!


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