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I thought it would be a wonderful idea to knit a Yoga bag for a friend after recycling a sweater for the yarn.

First of all, look at the beautiful Namaste Yoga mat bag pattern from Knitty that I found. I decided I need to knit one for me, too, because it’s so beautiful. And look at how pretty the sweater looked before I started to unravel it (this is a close-up of the left-over turtleneck – the rest, well, keep on reading).

Now, look at the yarn when the sweater is unravelled. Completely shredded. I can’t knit anything with that. I’m so sad – it’s such a pretty color. I went ahead and bought some beautiful K1C2 Cotonade in Moss from Discount Yarn Sale to make a bag up for my friend. Too bad her birthday’s tomorrow. I’ve already let her know it will be a late gift!

So I haven’t had too much time to knit. Who could knit with this going on?

This is actually a good face. He stuffed almost a whole half of a banana in his mouth, and while I’m hysterically laughing and trying to find the camera, he starts “smiling for the camera” by schrunching up his eyes. It’s a wonder I get anything done during the day!

And then, when Hubby’s home, I get to watch him teach Big Boy about his magic super-powers. I think the Bare-chested Kung Fu Big Boy almost has it down!

I am still knitting on the Sidewinder bag and my needles case. Still knitting…


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