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Today I tell the "world!"

I hinted at some news I wanted to share with the world a couple of weeks ago…

I’m pregnant!

I’m so excited… we started telling people after our first Dr’s appointment last week… and I’ve been thinking I need to post this in my blog… but I just hadn’t done it. But since I’m still sitting here wasting time, there’s no need to put this off until tomorrow’s post!

So Baby is coming in early January (perhaps… maybe late December if we decide to do another c-section). This will make Big Boy 2 years older than Baby. This is exactly the same spacing as my brother and I (I am the oldest by 23.5 months). And to me, this is ideal. Perhaps it’s just the memories I have growing up – yes, for a good bunch of my childhood/teenage years, my younger brother was the bane of my existence. But the fun we had as kids (when we weren’t fighting) and the times we had once I went to college – gosh, good memories.

And I love being pregnant. All the bad things fly out the window (the hip pain, the fatigue, the 70 lb weight gain!!!) when I think that I am bringing a life into this world. The good thing is I have not been as sick as I was with Big Boy. I think my current stay-at-home situation makes it different/better… last time I spent the first trimester sitting in front of my computer at work feeling barfy, feeling sorry for myself. Now, I have a Big Boy to chase after, who will let me lay down on the sofa, who will run by me on the way to his next toy and give me snotty kisses as I lay there. Much better circumstances.

So… boy or girl? Another boy would be so much fun, and much easier. I already have all the stuff. No need for a new set of toys (i.e. princesses and dolls and the like) to clutter up the house. And seriously, I was such a tomboy myself – I don’t know what I would do with a girl. And I have always felt I would be a mom of boys… But a girl… all the pretty dresses and fun girl things – a little girl would brush my hair and think I was pretty and want to do things with me for a long time – and as she grows up, I dream of a friend – like my mom. A best friend who is there no matter what – because she loves me, and sees herself in me… My mom’s friendship has grown deeper and more valuable to me as I’ve gotten older. I want that for myself with my daughter.

So the Lord will give us whatever He wants for us, and it will be perfect – boy or girl.

Now, on to thinking about baby knits!!!


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