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What a never-ending day!  Full of fun stuff, of course, but after weeks of sickness, all this activity kind of threw me for a loop.

I did get to take some pictures of what I’m working on…


First is my aunt’s February Lady Sweater.  Not a very exciting shot, but I’m pleased.  I’m really liking the Shine yarnI’m using – so soft!!!  This is my second try at the top of the sweater – first try, I wasn’t making gauge, so I frogged it and started over.  Looking good so far.

Next is one of my SIL’s Christmas gifts – so, Jessie, if you’re reading this – STOP AND DON’T READ ANY FURTHER

I don’t think she actually reads my blog, though, so I feel pretty safe posting this.


Can you tell what it is?  EJ’s first words when he saw it were: “Oh, Momma!  Another kitty?  For ME?!?”  Nope, not a kitty, and not a deer either, which was his second guess.  It’s a llama.  Apparently Jessie like llamas (who can blame her?).  This is from this so so cute alpaca pattern – and alpacas are just smaller, softer llamas (I checked to make sure so I could use it).  As you can see, I need to sew up its back, and I think I’m going to applique some pretty flowers on her back… and maybe up her neck and on her head, too.  I’ve got all kinds of crazy ideas for her. 

Then… one of my felted bags.  As I was taking these pictures, I was wondering why in the world I hadn’t finished this already.  All the parts are done, and all I need to do is sew them together and throw them in the washer, and I’m going to have one rocking bag!  In fact, I’m going to go and work on it right after I post this.  Maybe tomorrow I can show you my finished purse! 


So, in the picture above, you’ll see the felted slab that I shaped a bit by cutting, with the two side edges sewn together with the same green yarn.  Then I started knitting an interior pocket, decided knitting was taking too long, switched to crochet (mid-pocket! YES! It won’t show – it will be all felted together… but it nearly blew my mind picking up all the knitting loops with my crochet hook), and crocheted 2 handle flaps as well.  I used some cream wool to add some accents – I thought those little dotted-stripey-things would look good felted into the bag, too.  But then, look at what I found in my WIP mountain stack – my very first cable!  And it was even supposed to go along with the green felted slab!  Here’s my bag all put together – squint your eyes a little bit and lean your head to the left… there!  See it?  Won’t it be pretty?


I wasn’t planning on felting the cable, but I just saw a cabled sweater online today that got felted accidentally, and the cables still had a lot of definition.  I might stitch the cable on before I pop it in the wash.  I’ll let you know as soon as I decide.


Today, with EJ, I worked on a little craft for our Fall Impressions carnival on Impress Your Kids.  It wasn’t so much a craft as trying to talk to him about kindness and hoping to instill some of these behaviors in his little self-will powered world.  We are looking at the letter K this week, and I really wanted to do something with keys… no real reason other than wanting to do it.  There really aren’t too many crafts out there for keys – especially since we don’t have a pile of actual keys laying around the house to use.  So I did a Google image search and found a whole bunch of pictures of keys, and I printed them out.  They turned into our “Keys of Kindness” poster…


While EJ glued the extra keys to the poster, we talked about what it means to be kind to others.  It gave me some insight on how his little mind works, and I hope he will remember this as he sees it hanging up on the wall.  BTW – the word under “Love” does not say “shave.”  I just get sloppy with my “r”s.


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FO… Tuesday (?)

Is that legal to have a finished object Tuesday?  Maybe I’ll make it a “Totally Done” Tuesday!

I saw these around online in several different places– and I made one up my own way (not really following anyone else’s directions).  I love it!  And I forgot how much I love working with my glue gun.

Baby Food Jar pincushion

This was Dieter’s last baby food jar, too.  What a way to commemorate it!  From spinach and carrots to pins and needles.

I got a pattern from JCasa’s Etsy shop for this adorable Kid’s Coloring Wallet – this one is for my niece.

Kid's coloring wallet

I loved picking out all the different fabrics for it – especially because I never do anything pink.  Here’s the inside – it still needs to be “stuffed” with crayons (along the left side) and a pad of paper (on the right side).

Kid's coloring wallet

I will make a couple more of these for Christmas gifts, and then I think I will make these as party favors for my son’s 3rd birthday party in January.  They are so quick, easy and cute!  My friend, Kelly, and I each sewed one last Wednesday – with my kids running around underfoot (literally). 

Tomorrow I’m hoping to show you some WIPs (hey – WIP Wednesday!) – so get ready!  I know – you can barely contain yourself…

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I know I’m about 3 years behind everyone else on this – but, hey, that’s how I roll (I just got my first Amy Butler fabric and patterns – that’s how behind I am).  My newest new thing this week is Japanese import fabric.  Yup – finally!


I just want to know a couple things. First of all – what took me so long? Second – why didn’t you guys tell me about this? I needed this cuteness in my life…


I bought these two thinking they would be for some kid’s projects – but I don’t know if I could cut them up.  I might just need to hug these for a while.  I know for sure I am getting something made with these little guys.

I took my first trip to my friend Kelly’s favorite fabric store – Quilting Adventures.  Very fun – very dangerous.  I got the fabric above along with some other fat quarters and a couple purse handles that were on clearance.  Now, when Kelly and I get together to sew on Wednesday, I’ll have some fun fabric to play with!

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So in my quest to gather all the crafting materials I can from their various hiding storage spots around the house, I hit sweater-felting jackpot!


I had hidden stored these already-deconstructed sweaters and the already-felted slab-o-knitting behind my sofa.  Go figure.  So do you remember this slab-o-knitting?

Knitted felted "fabric"

I was so in love with it back in the day (April 2007!)… I was intoxicated with my new thing, knitting, and my newer thing, blogging… I knitted up the body of the needle case, felted it, and – stuck it behind the sofa.  Now I think it’s going to be a bag!!!  I’m going to cut a little shaping into the slab (this thing is so thick!), knit up a quick interior pocket, stitch the sides together, decorate with some cream yarn, and re-felt it so it all sticks together nicely!  Then I’ll attach some handles, and voila!  A bag almost big enough to carry what I need it to!

Deconstructed wool Gap sweater

Deconstructed wool sweater






The deconstructed sweater on the left is a sweater from my closet.  I love the colors, but I can’t really wear wool as a sweater – I sweat like a pig and itch like an… itchy person.  I’ve been planning to make some kind of a bag with it for a while (but I can’t even remember when I took these sweaters apart!).  It will happen now.  The one on the right is from Hubby’s closet – it has a couple little holes in it that will close up with the felting.  The thing is… I’m not in love with the colors.  Should I shape it into a bag anyway, and if I don’t like it then… maybe I can cut the felt up into flowers or something for other projects?  Does anyone else have any other ideas for this one?

The bags will be making an appearance here soon – I promise!


Does anyone else love Simple Mom as much as I do?  Her blog is so refreshing, and she always gives such great tips and has great ideas and links and guest writers… Anyway – she is giving away an Epson Artisan Printer on her blog this week.  If I win, I’ll print off all kinds of pretty pictures and send them to you all!  Now, if you follow my link to her giveaway, and enter and win, can you print me a pretty picture and send it to me?  I promise I won’t be bitter… much – this thing’s a beaut!  We currently have 2 printers that do half of what this one could do!  Best wishes to all who enter, and may I win!!!

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Chelle, you almost didn’t get your owl pillow.  As I was packaging it up to send it your way yesterday, the Big Boy wandered by and instantly became enamored with it.  In order to pry it out of his amazingly strong little hands, I promised I would make him his own pillow.  He asked specifically for a spaceship, and he asked repeatedly for it throughout the day – but I just cannot sew when the boys are awake.  No sewing gets done.  But some sketches got done…

Rocket sketch

Bedtime came, and I sat down to my sewing machine (and watch the election results come in).  I actually could’ve finished this rather quickly, I think, but I found myself not sewing as I was watching the TV.

I’m not too happy with the shape of the rocket pillow.  If there is ever a need to make another one, I would exaggerate a lot of the details more – I thought I was exaggerating plenty on this one, but see how you can barely see the difference between the bottom of the rocket (orange with red circles) and the top of the flames (yellow with orange circles)?

rocket softie

I also think the top of the rocket is too pointy.  I would round the shape much more… see?  I really should’ve made a prototype.

rocket softie

And here’s the finished product in all its glory…

rocket softie

That’s the Big Boy driving the rocket – see?

Big Boy detail

And Daddy came along for the ride!

Hubby detail

I didn’t get to measure the finished product, but the rocket ship (including the flame) is over 2 feet tall.  The best part of the whole thing was watching the Big Boy’s face as he saw his rocket shipon the couch waiting for him this morning.  He talked non-stop: “My rocket ship! Momma, you made this for me?  Thank you!  Oh, I love it! She’s my best friend – her name is Chicaga the Airship.  Look at her blast off – I’m going to blast off now, Momma… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… BLAST OFF!”  He and Chicaga (I have no idea where that came from – the way he said it sounded like “Chicago” but with an “a” at the end) blasted around the room countless times – and it was rarely away from his side all day.  He slept with it at naptime, and he’s now cuddled up to it for the night.

rocket softie

sigh… I love being a Momma.

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Hi, everyone!  Welcome to My New Thing…. I’m Leigh, a SAHM with crafting ADD.  I fell in love with the crafting-bloggy-world last year, and I’m so happy to be a part of it!

Here on My New Thing, I share my crafting adventures, successes, and failures… and whatever else pops into my mind.  I’m actually starting something new today, too – my first weekly post called This Week’s New Thing.  And this week’s new thing is…

Owl Pillow

My first Bloggy Giveaway giveaway!  Yes, I did a little giveaway for my 1 year bloggiversary, but this is the first time I’ve participated in anything so widespread!  So it’s very new to me… and I’m a bit nervous.  I’ve cleaned the place up a bit over the past couple days to get ready for you, so poke around and tell me what you think.

Owl Pillow

And… on to the GIVEAWAY!!!  If you’ve poked around here a little bit, you’ll see I’m committed to making our Christmas gifts this year (it’s my newest new thing, before today).  I’ve had an idea bumping around in my head for a gift for one of my nieces, and I needed to make a prototype for it.  I whipped it up this weekend, and I must say, I’m very pleased with the results.  I hope you are, too, because I’m giving the prototype away! 

Owl Pillow

I’m in love with all the owls around in the crafting world, and I had so much fun making this one!  It’s made of fleece, with patchwork wings (my first quilting ever!) and felt eyes and beak.  It’s approximately 12 inches tall and 12 inches wide, and about 3 or 4 inches deep.

To win this little guy, please leave a comment with a valid email address… that’s all you have to do!  Comments will be accepted through the end of the week, and the drawing will occur on Saturday, November 1.  I hope you love it as much as I do, and that you (or someone you love) will have fun hugging on it.

Owl Pillow

Of course, I hope you enjoy it here and will want to come back, especially since I have a couple other giveaways cooked up for this week!!  I’ll post each on the Bloggy Giveaway site, too, so keep checking back for more fun!

Also, visit my other blog, Impress Your Kids, for more bloggy giveaway fun!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you again!


Entries for the giveaway are now closed.  Please click here to see who the winner was!

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Promised pictures…

I showed my first handmade gift to the relative I mentioned below, and I think I’ve changed her mind.  She loved it!  And who wouldn’t love it?

M's pointy kitty

I need to add a ribbon around Kitty’s neck, because the stitches are visible where I sewed the head to the body.

M's pointy kitty

The pattern is a free one, from the very talented Hillary Lang of Wee Wonderfuls.  I love it, and I’ve wanted to make the pointy kitty for a year now.  And I finally had my chance!

In other crafty news, I am going to be participating in the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival next week!  I am going to be sewing something this weekend that I just really want to make, and it’s not a part of my holiday sewing plans for this year.  So I’m going to give it away!  I’ll see if I can think of anything else to add to sweeten the pot, but this will be fun!  This will be my first time participating in a carnival! Impress Your Kids is also participating, so check there next week, too!


I hate politics, and I hate political discussions.  They make me nervous and scared (that’s a personal issue I have with confrontations of any type – even friendly “discussions.”).  But I read something via Making Home that really made me think about the election this year – and honestly, it made my change my mind about for who I was going to vote.  Please click through… I was going to say “click through if you want to.”  You may not want to…. but I think you should read this anyway.

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